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As a designer, we often looking for the precedent or other ‘seems like’ projects to get better idea. We used search engine searching for images, which directly we can catch the idea then re-arranged and placed on our project. Seeing the image, sometime make us confuse. We got stunned, but no deep analytical, why it can be like that.

Now, I am trying to see deeper to random image I found. I analyze the elements one by one. But here, I only want to show the simplest element that we oftentimes forget it. It is trees, shrubs, hardscape and furniture, also path.


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The random image I got, describes a plaza among small buildings. There are some furnitures with various forms, have a lot of shrubs, also some trees. The people in the image, depicted walking and sitting.

Here we see the elements one by one.

analisis 02

Trees are very important as a former of space. How to choose the type, height, its functions, its type (whether flowering, fruiting, ornaments, etc.). How to put trees between the buildings, pavement and furniture, and also shrubs. In this image, we can see there are flowering trees, which also serves as a shade tree. In the design, we need to analyze the tree, according to the expected function. Also analyze the existing trees as supporting data.

analisis 03

Shrubs also an important element in shaping the space of a landscape. So, Analysis is needed, what is the function of the shrub. Is it just for the beauty? or is there other factors? like barrier (border). The design concept can also specify the type of shrubs will be planted. Of course adapted to existing conditions.

analisis 01

The combination of materials and exterior furniture, will be able to seize the attention of visitors. A renowned consultant in China, usually use red or orange to create a focal point in a landscape. The combination of materials can also enrich the landscape sequences which are created. In desiging, we also have to analyze, how the material or furniture to be used in exterior.

analisis 04

Do not forget to making a pathway. It also forming sequence. When someone enters the gate, he will get the atmosphere of X, when entering the foyer area will get the atmosphere Y, when in the middle, he will get the atmosphere of Z, and so forth. Then this sequence can be scripted in accordance want. For example see the ocean view from the top of the hill, from the middle of the woods, off the cliff, and from the beach into the climax sequence.

This posting based on my sotoy opinion