when in japan
when in japan

What happened with 28?
I’m thinking about my self, what I have been done for me, for my family, for my friends and my surroundings.
There are a lot of to do in my mind, but I am not succeed yet to write it.
Let me list some of them here now.

First, I want to be Ikhlash person. Why? Ikhlash person, they will not have big problem in their life. They are definitely good on praying.
Second, I want to save more money. What’s for? That’s for my parent’s Hajj/Umroh. I know Allah will allow the people visit His House (Ka’bah), depend on the will of Allah. But it’s one of my ikhtiar to reach it.
Third, I want to be a professional mother. I could share the time for my family, also my works. But be a housewife is also nice. At least till my children go to elementary school. I still don’t know about this. In one side, I want to be a housewife, but in out there my capability also be needed. In other side, my parents want me to work, to give my knowledge about what I learned in college, and earn money to gratify myself.
Fourth, I want to be the wife who always desirable, by my belove husband. Everything.
Fifth, I want to having an education masterplan for my children. They must be sholih/sholihah, have a life skilled, smart, and helpfully.
Sixth, I want to be myself.