As a new beginner landscape architect, I have a favorite landscaper and sometimes i got the idea from him and his team. I have ever posted one of the project, and also have been there last September 2012. This is my post about Shanghai Houtan Park by Turenscape but in Bahasa Indonesia.

Days ago, I saw the posting about Top 10 Names in Landscape Architecture Today on web. And I totally agree that Mr. Kongjian Yu is the first. I like almost all his projects with Turenscape, especially for real/built projects. Now I’m trying to show you some of Turenscape projects that I like and want to visit. All sources I got from Turenscape web.

I have an opinion about the idea of Turenscape design. They always do the complete analysis, especially ecological analysis as the important analysis in the current global climate change, has many trees and flowering shrubs (with character such as representing 4 seasons) almost in every projects, always has red or orange colour in outdoor furniture or sculpture or hardscape as an accent in their projects, and also always has a deck beside the water body as a boardwalk. I think its very nice idea to attract people to come also to restore the nature.

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Here it is the projects I like from Turenscape:

1. Shanghai Houtan Park

Designed: January ,2007-October ,2009
Built: May 2010
Size: 14 hectares
Location: Shanghai, 2010 Shanghai Expo Park, China

This is the best project I like because has many attractive place and a lot of sequence.

2. Square & Round 

Designed: February 2013
Built: May 2013
Size: 100 Square meters
Location: Château Chaumont, French

Small rain garden but has a good concept. There are red bamboos stands in the middle of pool.

3. Qinhuangdao Red Ribbon Park

Designed: October ,2005-2008
Built: 2008
Size: 20 hectares
Location: Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, China

Minimum intervention approach in park projects. So they tried not to cut the existing trees.

4. The Transformed Stormwater Park: Qunli National Urban Wetland

Designed: June ,2009-September ,2009
Built: 2011
Size: 30 hectares
Location: Qunli New District, Haerbin City, Heilongjiang Province, China

Designed green open space while treated the water.

5. The Floating Gardens — Yongning River Park

Designed: March ,2002-January ,2004
Built: 2004
Size: 21.3 hectares
Location: Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

6. Activate a Resilient River: The Minneapolis Waterfront Design Concept

Designed: 2011
Built: –
Size: –
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

This is one of competition that followed by Turenscape. I think, my thesis is nothing if comparing with this project. Because this competition is very serious with much big ideas. And they produced many pictures to show their great ideas. So maybe, later I will post about this project, to discuss more detail.

There is still much projects they had done. You can check it out in their website. They also showed unbuild projects and I think that is the processes for them to be more experienced with landscape design.

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Sometimes, I think that Turenscape is waterfront design specialist. 🙂 Because they had a lot of rivers or water bodies projects. And in my opinion, in the current global climate change, it is very important to help the earth, starts from the water bodies. Water bodies as the parameter which show the nature is good or not. So, until now, I also appreciate to water body design, and I’m very excited when got water body projects. It’s a big challenge to restore the nature, for me for us.

I dream that I will be one of Mr. Kongjian Yu in Indonesia, especially to restore the nature in Indonesia.

Have fun with your landscape design, especially for Indonesian landscaper. 🙂