In the name of Allah The Most Beneficent The Most Merciful


My parents told me to learn the Qur’an before anything else.

Every Muslim should learn the Qur’an.

I like the way the letters look.

The way it’s written and how my teacher teaches it.

Djamil, one of participant of World Qur’an Competitionin Cairo from Senegal, Africa.


You’ll be all by yourself, but you mustn’t be scared

Arab or not, Egyptian, Kuwaiti, whatever, everyone memorizes the same Qur’an

And you know the Qur’an

you’ve studied it, memorized it

People are bombing ang killing each other but if all Muslims understood the Qur’an there would be peace on earth

So by not using the Qur’an as God intended

what is the result?

all these problem in the world

and what the solution’s?

return the Qur’an, learn it, apply it

Master Aboubacar – Djamil’s teacher


The Qur’an is not just a book of worship for us, it is a guide for life

how do i meet my brother? it’s in the Qur’an

how do i interact with you? it’s in the Qur’an

how do i set a meeting? it’s in the Qur’an

how do i apologize for a mistake? it’s in the Qur’an

how to be tolerant? it’s in the Qur’an

On judgement day, our ‘levels’ in heaven will be decided by how much of the Qur’an we have memorized

Dr. Salem Abdel-Galil, Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs, Cairo-Egypt


Got this from Qur’an Competition Documentary

You can see it in this youtube links:

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(thanks for the uploader and my friend who told me this link)